Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art

Hey! Looks like you’ve stumbled onto some of our premium content. On Wilde Words, our quality blog posts will always be free. But if you’re ready to take your PR activity to the next level, I’d like to introduce you to our new members-only community, Wilde Words VIP.

I’m listening… What’s involved?

Well, our VIP members have access to much, much more, including:

  • An incredibly broad range of resources including video, white papers, ebooks, podcasts, case studies and infographics
  • Immediately actionable PR templates and easy to implement checklists
  • Challenges that will take your campaigns to the next level
  • Ongoing support, discussion and networking opportunities with a talented group of PR colleagues in our private, exclusive Facebook community

Here’s how it will work. At the beginning of each month, I’ll announce a PR theme that we will focus on for that month, and a challenge that will run alongside it. Each week, I’ll release new resources on that theme that will help you to complete that challenge.

Week 1: The Masterclass

A 30-60 minute video or podcast including interviews with industry experts to keep you up to date with best practices. An introduction to this month’s theme, jam-packed with actionable advice.

Week 2: The Deep Dive

An in-depth written exploration of the topic, in the form of a white paper, e-book or case study. Grab a tea or coffee before you settle down with this, because it’s going to be thorough.

Week 3: The Materials 

A goodie bag of tools and resources aimed at helping you execute the new strategies you’re learning in your campaigns. This might include a downloadable calendar template, or a letdown that lets you highlight your plans for the whole year in one simple Excel sheet.

Week 4: The Live Lesson

Toward the end of each month, we’ll have a live class where I’ll answer your questions, highlight your challenges and triumphs this month. We’ll delve into the details of the month’s challenge and what we learned from it. You can tune in to the live class, or watch the playback later.


“Katie Harrington is worth at least her own weight in gold, and much much more. I don’t know how it happens, but Katie clearly has a knack for finding out, and selecting the best resources. Then, she shares her PR-pro secrets with us. I said it already once, then once more, and now, Katie Wilde Words of Ireland, thank you again!” –  Aldona Tomiczec, Business Development & PR for Nettecture

“Katie’s strengths include a flair for writing in a variety of different styles – her role included writing on an incredibly diverse range of topics, from 80-word ‘News in Brief’ items to in-depth 1,500-word double-paged spreads. Katie worked closely with photographers and graphic designers to get the right shots to illustrate her stories, and lay it out attractively.” – Callan Emery, Managing Editor for Trident Communications.


If you’re not already convinced, how about I throw in some extra bonuses? I’m giving away more than $200 in special bonuses absolutely free to everyone who signs up.

This includes:

Did somebody say ‘discount’?

Of course I’ve got a discount for you – and it’s a good one. Sign up for our annual plan and you get a whopping 50% off. I can’t leave a deal this good here forever, so get it while it’s hot!


public-relations-katie-harringtonThat’s all for me from now, but if you have any questions, email me at

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