Storytelling: The latest buzzword in Public Relations

What is storytelling anyway? Neil Gaiman could tell you a thing or two about storytelling. I’ve just finished reading his book Anansi Boys, a book that’s difficult to categorise neatly into a single genre, but falls somewhere in between fantasy, science-fiction and thriller. The book draws on both mythology and modern life. It has a main character and […]


Mature candidates versus millennials: How can I compete?

Diversity is the name of the game in office life these days, and while huge strides have been made in the inclusion of women, gay people and ethnic  minorities, one major diversity issue that remains largely unmentioned in the industry is age. Recently, I asked my readers what the biggest challenge in their career was, and I was shocked when a […]


Stop wasting your time (and your budget) on newswires

Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art is a practical guide to creating integrated communications campaigns. It’s all about achieving optimum PR outcomes using the PESO model. Pre-order it now. Best practices for press releases? No to newswires! Not so long ago, I worked for a large multinational with a one-person Public Relations team (me!) Given that we […]