Public Relations

How to measure Public Relations through analytics

March 9, 2017 3
How do you measure Public Relations campaigns? The pressure to measure Public Relations campaigns in hard numbers has never been higher. While the true value of a PR campaign will never be captured in a [...]
Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication: Effective strategies for defusing a crisis

March 2, 2017 1
What is crisis management? Crises are inevitable. From operational breakdowns to financial scandals, from servers getting hacked to rogue employees choosing to air their grievances in public, no business or organization can consider themselves immune. Crisis [...]
Corporate Communications

How to create powerful key messages

February 21, 2017 4
What is a key message? Key messages answer the question: “What do we want the public to know about us?” in a nutshell. Key messages are short, memorable phrases that create an emotional narrative around the [...]
Corporate Communications

11 free PR resources every campaign needs

January 24, 2017 14
The best free PR resources available online These days, PR pros often find that our inboxes are overwhelmed with fancy, expensive tools designed to make our lives easier. Some of them are great, some of [...]
Corporate Communications

5 mistakes Corporate Communications pros keep making

December 8, 2016 15
When I had just graduated from college, I thought that working for a big multinational was the dream. That’s where the most glamorous jobs were, the best opportunities to be creative and produce amazing campaigns that [...]
Public Relations

100,000 lives saved – thanks to a PR campaign

November 28, 2016 0
How PR can change lives The following case study is an extract from our book Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art. It’s a practical guide to creating integrated communications campaigns and achieving optimum PR outcomes. Check it out. [...]

Trump, Farage and post-truth Public Relations

November 9, 2016 1
Strategic Communications: The Science Behind the Art is a practical guide to creating integrated communications campaigns. It’s all about achieving optimum PR outcomes using the PESO model. Check it out. Today, a man who has never held [...]
Public Relations

Social media VS blogging: Which generates more sales?

November 5, 2016 3
As regular readers will know, I’m a huge fan of the PESO model, which advocates building a PR strategy around four pillars thatregularly overlap each other: Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media. Today, I want to talk about [...]
Public Relations

7 deadly sins of Public Relations redeemed

September 28, 2016 1
Backing the Barcelona Principles All the way back in 2010, Public Relations practitioners from more than 40 countries gathered in the capital Catalonia for a think-in on industry issues. Around 140 people attended the conference, [...]